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4 Road Hazards to Avoid This Summer

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There’s nothing quite like the rush of riding a motorcycle, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Road hazards and debris that are easily handled by cars are much more likely to cause a motorcycle crash, making it particularly important for riders to remain vigilant while on the road. In today’s post, we’ll explore four common road hazards you should avoid as you hit the road this summer.

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Road Hazards You Should Avoid

Railroad Tracks

While it’s easy for cars to pass over railroad tracks without a second thought, motorcycles have a much harder time passing over them safely. This is particularly true in low-speed situations, or on streets with a lot of traffic. No matter what the traffic conditions are like, always be aware that railroad tracks have much less traction than the road, and rain and snow can both make them even more dangerous. Whenever possible, avoid crossing tracks at high speeds, or at an angle. Do your best to keep your bike parallel to the ground and as straight as possible.

Edge Breaks on Highways

Edge breaks are typically found in construction zones, and they occur when one lane of the highway is higher than another. This makes them particularly dangerous for motorcyclists, as they can cause you to lose balance or swerve unexpectedly. If you find yourself traveling on a road or highway with edge breaks, do your best to stay in one lane. Should you need to switch lanes, slow down as much as possible and exercise caution as you travel over them.


Like wet roads, gravel is dangerous in almost any situation. Enough of it in one place can cause your bike to lose traction, making it especially treacherous around curves. If you encounter gravel anywhere along your journey, then slow down smoothly instead of abruptly. Try to maintain a consistent speed, and like we mentioned in the section about railroad tracks, do your best to keep your bike parallel to the road. Never be afraid to slow down — holding up traffic is always preferable to an accident!

Road Debris

“Road debris” is a catch-all category of items that you’ve probably seen on roadways in your area. Tires, tools, garbage, tumbleweeds, and other foreign objects in the road can all cause serious injuries, and you should always maintain awareness of the road ahead so that you can spot and avoid them. Should you encounter something unexpected in the road, always swerve into the shoulder rather than into traffic. Having an exit strategy at all times might just save your life!

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We hope that today’s entry will help you avoid hazardous road conditions and make the most of your riding time this summer. We’re committed to regularly providing you with resources and helpful information, so bookmark our blog page and check back regularly to see our latest posts.

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