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How to Choose Exhaust Tips For Your Motorcycle

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Modding a motorcycle is one of the best parts about owning one! You can take the perfect template, a bike you like the look of the components on and you can start upgrading with relative ease. There’s loads of aftermarket parts out there that are of the highest quality and offer you the opportunity to make your bike something that is entirely your own based on your own tastes and preferences. Luckily, RC Components provide a selection of premium components for you to choose from, but if you’re having a spot of trouble narrowing down what you need and what you’re trying to address on your motorcycle, we’re here to help with that too!

Explore our buying guide for exhaust tips below!

Your Goals

The exhaust on the motorcycle is what contributes to the auditory portion of your ride. It’s what makes that rumble, makes the engine sound audible and sound just right. In that case, it’s a crucial part of the sensory experience of riding your motorcycle. It can also be used to save weight and improve your bike’s performance overall. To begin to understand what you really want in your system, you’ll need to understand the exhaust system you intend to modify intimately. So, let's start from the beginning.

What is an Exhaust System?

Motorcycles are equipped with an exhaust system for a few precise reasons: route combustion gases, muffle noise, and help the engine. The exhaust is chiefly used to keep the combustion gases from the engine flowing away from the rider and any passengers you have on your bike. You don’t need to be snuffing carbon monoxide while riding your bike, so the exhaust funnels those gases to the back of the bike and away from you. Depending on the type of exhaust you want, they can muffle or enhance the noise of your bike. A vehicle without an exhaust system is horribly loud, and needs to be controlled a little bit. So the exhaust can allow you to do that to different degrees to better suit your needs. It also helps the engine perform at a higher level. Thanks to the science behind thermodynamics and laminar flow, we know that controlling and funneling the energy in a motor the right way can do quite a bit for its efficacy and therefore it’s potential speeds.

Why Do People Replace Their Exhaust Tips?




Increase Audio


Your motorcycle came with a system on it, but it’s the factory fitted one. If you’re into customization, that should be enough of a reason for you. However, the right exhaust system adjustments can make measurable changes in how you ride. For example, if you’re interested in getting your bike to be a little more capable of speed, you’ll be able to do so through an exhaust system upgrade.

The original manufacturer that you purchased the bike from had to meet a certain budget when designing the bike, which means that there are some pieces on your bike that probably aren’t the top quality available, simply because of that budget restriction. If you’re hoping to bridge the gap between your bike’s potential with new components, you might as well start with speed. You can hone your speed with certain exhaust tips and exhaust redesigns.


You can also make your bike faster, more nimble and easier to drive by cutting weight. Your exhaust system is one of your larger components on your bike. If you can shed weight with an aftermarket adjustment to your exhaust system, why wouldn’t you? Depending on the bike you’re riding the decrease in weight could be as much as 5%, which will make handling and performance noticeably better with only a small modification.

Sound & Money

You can also keep upgrade costs down by waiting to upgrade your bike with aftermarket items. You can find premium components on the market that are much more affordable than they would be when purchased directly from the manufacturer. Plus, if you’re wanting to make your bike a little louder, you could fix your exhaust to do so.

Shop RC Components Today

If you’re ready to start customizing your bike with a new exhaust system, or even just starting small with little upgrades, you’re in the right place. RC Components offers premium, well-designed pieces for your bike that are easy to shop for. You can browse all of our parts by narrowing down the year, make and model of your bike, so you can rest easy knowing everything will fit just right when it comes to installation.

Start shopping our selection of exhaust upgrade pieces today. You can start with an exhaust tip to spiff up the look and feel of your bike, or you can expand into more complex upgrades like entire exhaust system replacements and wheel system customization too! 

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