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How Cold is Too Cold for Motorcycling?

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If there’s one thing that all motorcycle riders have in common, it’s that we are never ready to stow our bikes away in the garage for a long winter. At RC Components, we not only focus on manufacturing premier motorcycle wheels and accessories, but we also care about rider safety. Determining how cold is too cold for the motorcycling season to continue is a personal decision for all bikers, but we offer over 30 years of expertise in the motorcycling industry to help you make an informed decision on when to keep riding, when to pull out your motorcycle cover, and the best motorcycle accessories to use during the cold season.


The most simple way to determine when it is too cold to continue motorcycle riding for the year is when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When it reaches freezing temperatures, there is a risk of ice on the roads. Even the most skilled motorcyclists should remain cautious of the dangers of ice.

The topic is more complex than a 32-degree cut-off, though. On a chilly day where it isn’t quite yet freezing, riding at high speeds will put you at a higher risk of hypothermia. Think of it as your own personal wind chill. It’s important to make judgment calls for yourself if you are considering riding on a cold day. Know your limitations, and take your safety seriously! If you live in an area where the winter months are hard to bear, it’s important to learn how to judge each situation as it comes.


Any precipitation on the roads during the winter poses a great risk to motorcycle riders. Snow and ice make for dangerous conditions for any vehicle, but motorcycles are more susceptible to accidents caused by ice than large vehicles are. Navigating away from icy patches won’t be of much help either. It puts you and other drivers around you at risk, and even the most seasoned riders won’t always be able to spot ice on the road, especially black ice. The best motorcycle wheels can help reduce your risks of riding on slick terrain, but RC Components still recommends riding with caution during colder months.

Riding in snow can also be a deadly decision. Motorcycles will struggle to keep traction on the road with any precipitation. Slick roads make for dangerous conditions and can cause you to slide. If you do get caught in an unexpected winter snow storm, be prepared with the right gear for winter riding, and of course, ride slow and cautiously.


If you live somewhere where winter riding is an option, or you get lucky enough to experience an unusually warm day during the off-season, preparing yourself for a winter ride starts with the right gear. Our selection of motorcycle forged wheels is state of the art, with a better look and durability than your average wheels. Getting a fresh set of wheels regularly can help keep your bike in top shape for any season.

Although we recommend erring on the side of caution, if you must ride in cold temperatures, it’s important to be prepared with the proper attire. To accompany your RC Components motorcycle wheels, we recommend sturdy boots and a trustworthy helmet. For bikers that are ready to retire their motorcycle for the cold months, a durable motorcycle cover can help keep your bike protected from the elements.

Forged Motorcycle Wheels and Safety

Outfitting your motorcycle with high-quality forged motorcycle wheels can help increase your safety on the road if you choose to ride during winter. RC Components' unique chroming process results in wheels that function well and last for years. Having reliable motorcycle wheels is important in order to feel confident and stay safe on your bike, and our competitive prices allow you to achieve this on your budget.

Riding your motorcycle in the winter can be a risky feat, and we always recommend knowing when it is too cold to ride. Stay aware of temperatures and road conditions, and always have the proper motorcycle wheels and gear ready to accompany you. Shop RC Components' selection of forged motorcycle wheels and other accessories to get your motorcycle ready for winter! 

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