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How To Outfit Your Bike For Drag Racing

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Looking to outfit your bike for drag racing? Then you’ve come to the right place! See the four basic controls you need (clutch, throttle, shifter, and brakes) and work with RC Components to get your bike transformed!

A tire with condensation floating above it.

Lowered Suspension

When it comes to outfitting your bike for drag racing, you want to be closer to the ground to help give you the acceleration you need to win. If your bike is too high off the ground, consider lowering the suspension, making it easier for you to achieve that hunkered-down stance that will help enhance your traction.

The view of a back tire of a stopped motorcycle.

Exhaust Pipes

If your bike doesn’t have exhaust pipes, consider adding them for drag racing. These exhaust pipes will allow more kick and a quicker throttle response as you race. A drag racer with a cloud of smoke behind him.

Extended Swing Arms

When you’re drag racing your bike, you want to be able to take off quickly while also reducing your bike’s potential to do a wheelie. Extended swing arms keep the bike’s wheelbase compact, helping to improve handling. That’s because the weight of the motorcycle and engine power is better distributed, keeping both wheels on the ground while you accelerate forward.

 A view over the handlebars of a bike riding down the highway.

New Tires

What type of tires do you have on your bike? Tires can affect your acceleration, traction, and how much power your bike needs to get going. While it might seem like the bigger the tire, the better, that’s not always the case. Larger tires can require more power to accelerate, giving you a slower start. In fact, some racers will shave their tires in order to keep them light. As the premier manufacturer of motorcycle wheels since 1989, work with RC Components to find tires that will best equip your bike for drag racing.

Get ready to hit the road with an outfitted bike that’s perfect for drag racing. Still have questions about aftermarket parts that will give you the boost you need to win? Shop our products available at RC Components and contact our technical support team with any questions! 

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