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The Aftermarket Motorcycle Wheels Buying Guide

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If you’re like most motorcycle owners, you take great pride in the appearance and performance of your bike. One of the first things motorcycle enthusiasts choose to upgrade on their bike is their wheels, since having high-quality wheels is critical to the performance and safety of the machine. When it comes time to start shopping for new wheels, you may feel intimidated by the various wheel models and styles available on the market. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll cover the basics of aftermarket motorcycle wheels so you can be well informed when you start shopping around for new wheels.

At RC Components, we understand how difficult it can be to shop for custom motorcycle wheels and parts. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use tool on our website called the wheel selector. To check out the different types of wheels available, all you have to do is click on the model of your bike to view our array of forged chrome wheels and rims. Click on each wheel model to see how they would look on your bike. Once you’ve found the perfect new wheels for your ride, all you have to do is order them online!

What You Need To Know About Aftermarket Motorcycle Wheels

There was once a time when motorcycle manufacturers had total control of the production of their parts. This meant the average motorcycle owner had to order bike components and accessories directly from the manufacturer, which could be fairly expensive. Today, however, many motorcycle manufacturers partner with other bike-related brands to produce replacement parts. These motorcycle parts are often referred to as original equipment manufacturer parts, or OEM parts. Many motorcycle dealerships recommend using these parts, especially because they can be fitted to a motorcycle without the risk of voiding the original warranty on the bike.

How To Choose Motorcycle Wheels  

Whether you’re looking to replace old wheels or improve the performance of your bike, purchasing aftermarket motorcycle wheels and rims can help. Before you order the first set of aftermarket wheels you see, it’s important to take some measurements to ensure the wheels you buy will actually fit the frame of the bike. If you plan on purchasing custom motorcycle wheels made of spokes, the spokes must also be measured as well. When measuring the spokes, keep in mind that there are usually 36 to 40 spokes per wheel, and they can vary in length from model to model.

The Solid and Spoke Wheel

In the world of motorcycles, there are two main types of rims: the solid rim and the spoke rim. Solid motorcycle rims come in a variety of designs, but spoke rims tend to have a more classic look. Also known as laced motorcycle rims, spoke rims are often made of aluminum, which makes them more resilient on the road.

Cast Motorcycle Wheels

Created from lightweight aluminum, and often featuring a chrome or polished look, cast motorcycle wheels are a common installment on many bikes. While these wheels may not be as durable as forged wheels, they are very resistant to corrosion and come in a variety of attractive styles

Billet Motorcycle Wheels

Billet motorcycle wheels are another popular option for bike owners. These wheels are often made from a solid block of aluminum, and they are highly sought-after due to their heavy-duty nature. You can order these wheels right off the shelf, or you can ask a manufacturer to create a computer-cut design for you.

Laced Motorcycle Wheels

Laced wheels are a great option for people looking for wheels that are durable and flexible. The spokes on these wheels can bend fairly easily without breaking. These wheels are known to handle road impact effectively, by dispersing the energy from impact out through all of the spokes.

Choosing Aftermarket Wheels For Your Bike

Before you start shopping for aftermarket wheels, there are many factors worth taking into consideration. It’s important to know the size of your wheels, as well as the design you wish to see on your bike. If you’re not sure what size your wheels are, you can always check with the manufacturer or a trusted mechanic if you don’t have the owner’s manual for the bike.

If you’re shopping for aftermarket motorcycle wheels online, be sure to browse RC Components online store today!

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