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If you’re like many of our customers, then you probably associate the name “RC Components” with custom wheels and other motorcycle parts. While our blog posts often focus on tips for riding and customizing your bike with our custom motorcycle wheels and exhaust pipes, today’s post will focus on the history of RC Components. When you’ve finished reading this post, we invite you to take a look at our catalog to find the perfect custom motorcycle parts for your bike. We carry everything from custom chrome motorcycle wheels to motorcycle exhausts that increase your bike’s power and promote fuel efficiency. Read on to learn more about our company!

The History of RC Components

RC Components began nearly 30 years ago in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as a small, custom motorcycle wheel company. We founded RC Components with the vision of creating a business that controlled every step of the production process. From design and engineering to the finishing details — we wanted to be the true authors of every product that left our workshop. We began by employing a full-time staff of engineers who helped us bring our ideas to life. We then tested and refined these designs to ensure that they met high safety standards and reflected the vision we had for each component. Ad

Unlike big-name manufacturers who ship their motorcycle wheels to other countries for finishing touches or machining, we set our standards high and never ship our products until they met rigorous quality control standards. To this day, our in-house chroming process utilizes cutting-edge technology that produces wheels that are as durable as they are beautiful. As a testament to the quality of our wheels, we proudly provide our customers with a seven-year warranty that you won’t find anywhere else. 

We worked hard and made a name for ourselves through our cutting-edge custom chrome motorcycle wheels, and we decided to expand our production line in 2010. Though we were primarily known in the motorcycle community for our wheels, we quickly became renowned around the world for our exceptional custom motorcycle exhausts. We know that our customers purchase our custom motorcycle parts for a variety of reasons, and we wanted to produce motorcycle exhausts that perfectly met a variety of needs. If you want a custom exhaust pipe that lets everyone in the area know that you’re nearby, then you’ll find the perfect part in our catalog. If you want a custom motorcycle exhaust that increases your horsepower and improves your bike’s fuel efficiency, then you’ll find something in our catalog for that, too.

We’ve come a long way since we founded RC Components. Our custom chrome motorcycle wheels and custom exhaust pipes can be found in more than 36 countries and are sold by more than 10,000 different dealers. We know that our commitment to quality and precision is what keeps our customers coming back, and we will always stay committed to producing top-of-the-line products.

Keep an eye on our blog page for future posts in which we’ll continue to provide you with information about our products, and stop by our online store to pick up the custom parts you need to create the bike you’ve always wanted!

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