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Roadside Repair Tips for Motorcycles

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Like all mechanical items, your motorcycle will eventually break down. This can be at the more inopportune times, such as when you are on a motorcycle trip. However, there are things you can do to both be prepared for if you experience problems while on the road and to repair your motorcycle, too.

RC Components is a family-owned and operated wheel company that is the premier manufacturer of motorcycle wheels in the United States and abroad. We have over 10,000 dealers worldwide in 36 countries. We specialize in aftermarket and custom motorcycle wheels and rims. We guarantee customer satisfaction with the mission of delivering only the highest-quality products that meet your needs. Below, we'll offer up some roadside repair tips for your motorcycles. Shop our custom wheels and motorcycle exhausts online today!


Invest in Regular Maintenance

Investing in regular maintenance for your motorcycle is a simple and easy thing to do that will prevent many common mishaps while on the road. You should have your oil changed, the belt and chain tightened, and your tires checked regularly. These are tasks either you could do or a professional, but you'll be amazed how taking care of the little things will help care for the bigger things down the road, so take and do this on a schedule.

Inspect Your Motorcycle Visually Before a Trip

You can find problems sometimes that are easy to see if you just took the time to look for them. Inspecting your motorcycle anytime you go for a ride, but especially before you go on a trip, can ensure you find any glaring issues and have them fixed. This could be wear on your tire or a component that is loose. Be sure to inspect the frame, too, for any damage from road debris that might have occurred unbeknownst to you.

Be Prepared

It's always best to be prepared for emergency situations. Having a tool kit on your bike at all times can save you big headaches should a simple repair be required while on the road. Make sure your tool kit contains the basics: a wrench, screwdriver, a pair of pliers, tire patches, a fuel siphon for if you run out of gas, and maybe even a small portable air compressor if you have the space. You don't have a lot of spare room on a motorcycle, but having the basics is necessary while on the road.

Basic Motorcycle Repair Knowledge

If you ride a lot, it's worth having basic motorcycle repair knowledge so that if something simple happens, you can fix it on the fly. There are courses you can take, or you can just teach yourself using YouTube or what have you. Simply being by performing simple tasks at home, such as oil changes. Once you start, you'll gather more and more knowledge as time goes by. Plus, DIY motorcycle repair will save you a ton of time, money, and hassle over the long run, so the investment is worth it.

A Trusted Buddy or Towing Company

If a major repair is needed while on the road, having backup is always a good idea. If you have a friend who is willing to lend a helping hand or who has extensive motorcycle repair knowledge, this is ideal. If not, having a trusted towing company near you you can call for emergencies is the next best thing. This makes the headache of a breakdown much less stressful when you know that backup is only a phone call away.


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