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Road Hazards to Avoid This Summer — Part II

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As a motorcyclist, it’s important to always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. You’re exposed to dangerous conditions that other vehicles can easily navigate, which means that you need to know what to look for as you ride. We provided you with information about a few of the most common road hazards to avoid in a previous post, so be sure to catch up on that information if you haven’t yet read it. In today’s entry, we’ll continue our discussion of road hazards you should be aware of whenever you hit the road.

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Road Hazards You Should Avoid, Continued

Slick Surfaces

Wet and slick surfaces create dangerous road conditions for everyone, but motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable. Some of the most common causes of slick roads include: 

  • Leaves
  • Crosswalks and other painted surfaces
  • Standing water
  • Antifreeze and oil spills

Railroad tracks

If you see a slick surface ahead of you, gradually slow down instead of braking abruptly. Reducing your speed too quickly can cause you to lose traction and potentially even control of your bike, so always maintain a calm demeanor and do your best to avoid reacting instinctively.

High-Speed Wind

While wind isn’t technically a road condition, it can make your ride significantly more dangerous. Strong wind can throw you off balance and cause you to lose control, and it can also make simple maneuvers like changing lanes more difficult. Give yourself plenty of room as you ride, and be on your guard for any debris blown into the road.


Nobody likes hitting potholes. They can cause significant damage to cars, trucks, and SUVs if they’re deep enough, and they can become seriously dangerous obstacles for motorcyclists as well. As we mentioned in our previous post, you should get into the habit of looking as far ahead as possible when you’re on the road. If you see a pothole in the road, slowly steer into the shoulder to avoid it. Be advised that in many cases, potholes are filled with water and may look more like small puddles than hazardous holes.


While this point is fairly straightforward, it’s always worth mentioning, especially during the summer when many motorcyclists are traveling across the country. Hitting an animal of any size can cause serious damage to your bike, and it’s incredibly difficult to stay upright after any kind of collision. Take wildlife warning signs seriously whenever you travel, and proceed with caution whenever you’re in the mountains or traveling in a rural area.

Expansion and Bridge Joints

Though they have distinct purposes, expansion joints and bridge joints are similar in their effects on motorcyclists. The former are intended to connect two stretches of road together; the latter connect a road to a bridge, or a section of a bridge to another section of the bridge.

Both joints are designed to provide the area with flexibility and prevent cracking, but they also create gaps that are sometimes big enough to catch a motorcycle wheel. Just as we’ve discussed in some of the previous sections, do your best to anticipate expansion and bridge joints. Take it slow whenever you cross a major bridge, and be sure to keep your wheels in a perpendicular line as you cross.

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We hope that this series will help you stay safe on the roads this summer. We’re always posting helpful resources on our blog page, so be sure to check back frequently for even more updates in the coming weeks and months.

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