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Preparing Your Motorcycle for Spring

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If you’re like many motorcycle owners, then you may have put your bike away a few months ago as the weather got colder. While spring isn’t quite in the air just yet, it’s never too early to make a quick checklist that you can keep in the back of your mind for the next two months.

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How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring

Fill Up the Tank

If you’ve stored your bike for the winter, then you should have emptied the tank as you prepared it for storage. Many motorcycle owners forget this step, however, and if you find yourself in this position, then you should completely drain the tank and refill it with new gas. Gasoline that sits stagnant for any longer than six weeks becomes thick and can damage your bike’s fuel system, so be sure that you start your bike using fresh fuel. Remember to check the oil as well, even if you were diligent and refilled it as the fall came to an end.

Check Your Battery

Dead batteries are the most common problem for those who store their bikes during the winter. Many riders choose to invest in trickle chargers and other products designed to prevent battery drain, but if you haven’t, then plan on fully charging your battery before hitting the road. Alternatively, you can purchase a new one if you’ve had the same battery for several years to ensure that your springtime rides are as smooth as possible!

Inspect Your Tires 

Nothing will take the spring out of your step like a flat tire. Check the air pressure in both of your tires, and be sure to look for signs of wear and tear that could become dangerous on the road. While you’re working on your tires, consider purchasing some custom chrome motorcycle wheels from our online store. There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road with eye-catching chrome wheels, especially when spring is in full bloom. With the warm spring sun reflecting off of your beautiful new wheels, you’ll never want the ride to end!

Test Your Brakes

Breaks that work properly are non-negotiable, so put a thorough check at the top of your priority list. The cold conditions of the winter can make your brakes brittle and less effective, so be sure to check your brake pads, brake fluid, and brake lines before you hit the road. If you’re not comfortable with your bike’s brake system, then take your bike to a professional for a thorough evaluation.

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We hope that today’s post will help you prepare your bike for spring. Stay tuned for future posts, as we’ll continue to provide you with even more helpful resources in the coming weeks and months.

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