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Common Motorcycle Repairs You Should Know Part I

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Many of the people that purchase custom motorcycle wheels from RC Components have been loyal to our company since it started in 1989, and interested in motorcycles much longer than that. At this point, many of these customers are experienced motorcyclists who understand their motorcycle down to the last bolt. If you are a longtime RC Components customer, then you probably know at least a little bit about the various repairs and maintenance tasks motorcyclists commonly come across. That said, someone new falls in love with motorcycles everyday, and they deserve a clear place to start.

In today’s blog, we will begin a series that discusses common repairs that every motorcyclist should know how to make. Read on to get started learning how to properly care for your motorcycle. At RC Components, we want to help you experience the full thrill of your motorcycle, and we hope you choose us when you shop for custom motorcycle wheels.

Electrical Repairs

The first thing you should know about motorcycle repairs is that you will most likely run into electrical issues at some point. Electrical issues, whether it is something as simple as a blown headlight bulb or a more serious issue, are often simply part of owning a motorcycle. Since most of the time your ride is exposed to the elements, it is more common for motorcycles to experience electrical issues than cars.

Moreover, motorcycle batteries typically don’t last as long as batteries in other vehicles. This is especially true if you use your bike less than five hours a week, which typically causes the battery to die faster. Take some time to read through your motorcycle’s manual, as it may give some information on how to make your battery last longer. You should also be prepared for a dead battery and know how to replace it when necessary.

Similarly, you may consider using your spare time to learn about various electrical repairs you might need to perform on your motorcycle. Going over these ahead of time can save your frustration down the road. Look over the process for changing headlights and taillights, get an idea of your motorcycle’s electrical system, and find a shop you trust to help you with any problems you encounter. Consider disconnecting your battery when you run into issues you do not know how to handle, which could help you avoid compounding problems.

Tire Repairs and Maintenance

Since we have been supplying custom motorcycle wheels for 30 years now, the team at RC Components are bona fide experts on motorcycle wheels. That’s why you should believe us when we say that it won’t matter how good your wheels look if the tire around them is flat. You will want to understand the basics of tire maintenance in order to get the most out of the custom wheels you order from us.

Let’s begin by talking about tire pressure. When you got your driver’s license or first car, someone may have advised you to check the pressure in your tires before you drive. If you are like most people, then you nodded and proceeded to drive off in your car without thinking twice about your tire pressure. In most cases, it is probably fine to drive your car without checking tire pressure before every trip. In the case of motorcycles, you should certainly check your tire pressure more often.

Small anomalies in tire pressure can cause major issues for a motorcyclist travelling down the road, while small differences in pressure may not cause as many issues on a car. Think about it; cars have double the number of tires that motorcycles have, so there is more room for error when it comes to car tires. Additionally, the wrong amount of tire pressure could cause extra wear to your tires, making flats, blow outs, and trips to your tire shop more common.

Take some time to go over common tire repairs you may have to make on your bike. Checking pressure is simple, and you probably know how to do it already. If you suspect a small leak on one of your tires, you can use a liquid soap and water mixture to check where a leak might be by simply spraying the mixture on the tire and looking for any spots that cause bubbles. Add to your knowledge about your bike by learning how to repair a flat tire, check for leaks, and thinking about how you might make tire repairs on the side of the road.

Get Custom Motorcycle Wheels From RC Components

We hope that today’s blog has helped you learn a little bit more about some common repair issues motorcyclists come across and how to start fixing those issues. While these two topics are pretty simple, they are still worth talking about. If you would like to learn more about common motorcycle repairs, then look out for the second part of this series!

Remember to choose RC Components when you shop for custom motorcycle wheels, custom exhaust pipes, and other ways to trick out your ride. With our help, you can make your motorcycle look awesome and perform at the highest level possible. Our custom wheels and parts offer fantastic options for both beginners and experienced riders, and the team at RC Components is always here to help you find the right customization for your motorcycle. Browse our catalog to start customizing your bike today!