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World War II changed everything. On a cultural level, it required entire countries to reinvent themselves and on a transportation level, the wheels of progress kept moving forward. Indeed, the use of brand new auxiliary engines mounted on bikes was a sensation throughout all of Japan. It made it easy for people to move around and transport goods. This new technology gave everyone a piece of hope, a way to move forward in a world that was actively reconstructing itself. A way to find a new normal. For that reason, Honda has been one of the premier brands since that time period. People from all over the world, no longer just in Japan, seek out the exceptional and practical designs that Honda is known for in order to get them from place to place in a way that has expanded the world of transportation since the events of WWII.



The History Of Honda

  • 1949 - First mass production of Honda motorcycles begins. 

  • 1952 - Honda begins exporting the bikes. 

  • 1954 - Honda begins entering their bikes in races around the world. 

  • 1954 - Juno K-type scooter enters the market. One of the first scooter-style bikes available.

  • 1958 - Supercub C100 motorcycle enters the market, a landmark of the classic Honda style bike. 

  • 1959 - Honda enters a bike into the Isle of Man TT Race for the first time

  • 1972 - First production of a motocross type model is crafted.

  • 1973 - Honda’s independent motorcycle R&D is created. It is renamed the Asaka R&D center.

  • 1974 - Goldwing is introduced into the world market and changes the look of the citizen’s motorcycle. 

  • 1979 - Honda’s first Motocross World Championship Victory.

  • 1981 - Honda’s alcohol-fueled motorcycle is introduced in Brazil. 

  • 1982 - First adoption of electronic fuel injection for a motorcycle. 

  • 1992 - First crotch-rocket style bike, the Fireblade (Aka CB900RR) is introduced. 

  • 1994 - A new, modern style of electric scooter hits the market. 

  • 2005 - Innovative motorcycle airbag system developed for the first time. 

  • 2008 - First usage of combined ABS.

  • 2009 - Flexible fuel technology added to Honda bikes. Dual clutch transmission is introduced for motorcycles. 

  • 2018 PCX Electric begins distribution. It’s a landmark in design for electric motorized scooters and takes on the challenge of greener, more efficient fuels without sacrificing power.

Superior Honda Technology

If you take a glance at the timeline that has detailed the precipitous rise of the Honda motorcycle, you’ll see the brand has dedicated itself to more than just style and speed: It’s dedicated to how well the bike handles. That’s one of the main reasons that people all over the globe invest in their motorcycles, because they know they’ll be receiving a quality, well-crafted product with the best cutting-edge technology available.


transmission-icon.pngThe Dual Clutch Transmission

One of the most notable technological advances that Honda has made to the way manufacturers everywhere develop their bikes is the dual clutch transmission. Essentially, it allows the rider to enjoy the feeling of a manual transmission with all of the convenience an automatic transmission provides. 


The dual clutch transmission automates the clutch and shift operation. Though, notably, it maintains the structure and the direct acceleration feel of a manual transmission. That means you’ll be free to focus on throttling and controlling the brakes as you shift into higher or lower gears with less fan fate. It also works to minimize the gaps you may feel in power that you would have to deal with using a manual transmission. 


It works because it really uses two different clutches. One works for off-the-line acceleration as well as all of your odd gears, like 1st, 3rd and 5th. The other clutch handles the even numbered gears. This is the first usage of this system ever in a motorcycle and it greatly improves the riding experience

riding-experience-icon.pngRiding Experience

This technology that is only one example of Honda’s world firsts that they’ve developed for motorcycles is a perfect example how they’ve improved the riding experience for motorcycle owners everywhere. Currently, they have multiple modes that the rider can drive with in order to customize their experience on the road more acutely. In their AT mode, the system responds automatically to what the bike is doing. In other words, you can toggle the motorcycle to react as an automatic would. It’ll downshift as the rider decelerates, then as the rider accelerates again it’s choose the perfect gear based on the speed and road conditions being driven on. For example, the bike will handle your acceleration and deceleration as you take a corner automatically, slowing the bike as you round and speeding the bike as you straighten back out. 


The second mode allows the rider to stay in complete control of the bike as they go. So, if you’re hoping to take your motorcycle out on the road and really feel the pavement beneath you and in control of your ride, you can toggle over to the MT mode and treat the bike like a manual transmission. You can easily toggle between these two modes on the same ride, much like simply shifting the gears would be like anyway.

air-bags-icon.pngAirbag System

Honda now equips their bikes with the first motorcycle airbag system in the world. This revolutionary improvement can and should change how you ride your bike. It functions by activating during a potentially severe frontal collision. The airbag then deploys and absorbs some of the rider’s forward momentum, saving the rider’s body from significant potential trauma. This was developed after data demonstrated that most motorcycle-related fatalities and injuries are almost always the result of frontal collisions, thus the new airbags in the Honda motorcycles should alleviate this issue


Start Really Appreciating Your Honda Motorcycle. Improve It Today

While Honda has made leaps and bounds in the motorcycle industry that have benefited all riders across multiple different brands, it’s important to keep moving forward. Surely, nothing will stop Honda’s forward momentum, but your bike’s might not be so reliable. Your Honda motorcycle is a premium machine, but there’s always room for improvement which is where RC Components comes in. We can provide you with the premium gear you need to really start improving how your motorcycle rides, looks and operates. Find out more about the pieces we offer for your model and year number now.