Customize Your Yamaha Motorcycle


Customize Your Yamaha Motorcycle


Though the Japanese company Yamaha is widely known for its exceptional musical instruments, in 1955, it began producing premium quality motorcycles, too. At first, they prioritized simple, elegant machines that were uncomplicated but just as powerful. Slowly, they’ve grown into a position that places them among the best powersport powerhouses in the industry. They offer some of the best sportbikes, cruiser and off-road bikes available on the market and are a leader among Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. If you’re an owner of one of these premium motorcycles, it’s no doubt that you’re happy with your purchase, but there's always room for improvement.



If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your Yamaha bike, RC Components can help. We offer premium aftermarket components that are designed to help you get just a little bit more from your bike all the time. We’re dedicated to making improvements on your bike a fun and rewarding experience. Our premium parts span the gamut from new exhaust systems to new wheels. Whatever you think will make the difference in your riding experience, we’ve got the pieces you need to make it happen. 


However, if you’re feeling a bit lost and you aren’t too sure where to start your improvement journey for your bike, we’re here to help with that too. In fact, we’ve rounded up a few recommendations for you below.


Where to Start Your Yamaha Upgrades

  • Upgraded Tires

  • Exhaust Systems

  • Frame Sliders

  • Shorty Levers

upgraded-tires.pngUpgraded Tires

The first thing we always recommend starting with is new tires on your bike. The rubber you use for your motorcycle makes a huge performance and experience difference. Many Yamaha bikes are equipped first with some Michelin tires which certainly aren’t anything to frown at. However, you can always find a bit of room for improvement here. Your tires are simply what connect you to the asphalt of the road and good rubber makes that experience exponentially better. Good rubber will be better for traction and superior cornering. Indeed, you'll have the ability to brake better, have more control over the bike and have a better overall ride everytime you climb on. 


Plus, if your bike is new, we’re firm believers that new tires can help boost your confidence while riding because it’ll be so much easier to control the bike. Start researching now to find the tires that have all the features you’re looking for in your riding experience. You can rest easy knowing it won't be too pricey, because you’ll only be purchasing two unlike the four you’d have to spring for on a car or truck. 

exhaust-systems.pngExhaust Systems

An exhaust system is largely about the beauty of the bike. It can greatly improve the look of the bike and make the sounds the bike makes simply delicious. There’s also a marked improvement on performance after you’ve invested in this upgrade. You’ll also be able to drop some weight on the bike which means you’ll have an easier time accelerating and going faster than ever before. It’s one of the more expensive ways you can access a better performance from your bike. However, it’s such a marked improvement that you’ll definitely notice the difference. We recommend getting a re-tune for your engine to access the peak horsepower from your upgrade. It’s one of the best mods you can access for your bike and RC Components makes getting this upgrade affordable and easy.





Frame Sliders

This upgrade is a simple one, but it’s designed to protect you and your bike in the event that something bad should happen. If you lay down your bike, the frame and the plastic on the sides of your Yamaha motorcycle will have to suffer the majority of the brunt. That’s why we recommend some frame sliders. The frame sliders will take the majority of the damage in the event of a small crash and will spare your Yamaha. New paint jobs and fairings are expensive and a set of frame sliders could save you those expenses.






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