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Tips for Long-Distance Trips — Part II

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The weather is warming up, spring is in full bloom, and riders around the country are all preparing for long-distance trips this summer. We provided you with a few tips that will help you prepare for long days of riding in a previous post, so be sure to catch up on that information if you haven’t yet read it. In today’s post, we’ll continue to provide you with tips that will help you prepare yourself and your bike for a long-distance trip.

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More Long-Distance Riding Tips

Ride Often

If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t ride your bike for more than a few hours each day. You’re going to be riding your bike for the majority of the day when your trip begins, and many people underestimate just how taxing it can be to ride for hours on end. In the weeks leading up to your trip, take your bike out on the road for a few hours at a time and see how you feel. If you’re sore or uncomfortable after a few hours, then you may want to consider purchasing a new seat or adjusting your posture.

Find Accommodations

As with any trip, it’s important to find places to stay along the way. You’ll want to choose several stopping points within a reasonable distance of one another, as you can never anticipate if you’ll be held up by an accident or unforeseen circumstances. Even if you arrive without any delays and have to spend the evening in your accommodations, it’s better to have a roof over your head than it is to drive through the night and start the next day exhausted.

Look for Construction 

The warmer months of the year are when many major construction projects take place, and encountering them on the road can significantly derail your progress. You’ve already mapped out your main route, but you should do some research to see if there will be road work anywhere along the way. If there is, then you’re almost always better off taking a detour or planning to take the scenic route.

Plan to Stop for Fuel

Just as you should plan to stop to eat and sleep each night, you should also make sure to plan for fuel stops along your route. Running out of gasoline can seriously derail your trip, especially if you’re on a long stretch of road without a gas station for miles. Many motorcycles do not have fuel gauges, so be vigilant about tracking your mileage and stopping well before the tank is empty.

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