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Indian motorcycles have a legacy of excellence. Their craftsmanship is unmatched. Their quality is legendary, and they are an age-old brand. They were originally created in 1901 by George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom. They began with a simple, no-frills goal: create a bike that could outpace other racing bikes at the time. This simple idea has bloomed into a company that’s known for their resilience, their products' sheer power, and their exceptional reliability. This history flourished and landed the company with military contracts, earned the bikes exceptional road racing and dirt racing awards and more. Through this practice of excellence, the brand has managed to secure itself as a prime competitor to the almighty Harley Davidson.

The Indian motorcycle hasn’t caved to modern ideas about how bikes should look. They’ve stayed true to a timeless brand that makes them unique and well-loved throughout the community. Their art deco style hasn’t managed to grow old and look tired. The sleek fenders, shimmering emblems and lean and mean shape of the bike renders it a cut above the brands that have fallen into less flattering trends. This old fashioned look has set them apart and added an appeal that has gathered the attention of a very specific market. However, they’re not held back by that timeless styling and design. The factory setting equipment that comes with the bike isn’t anything to frown at, at least, not since 2008. However, that doesn’t mean that there's’ not room for improvement. In fact, here at RC Components, we believe that a motorcycle can always grow and become better than the sum of its parts. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering exceptional parts and components to help you perfect and alter your Indian to your exact specifications.


Don’t know where to start? We have some ideas.



Upgrade Your Exhaust

If you didn’t know, when you’re choosing parts to upgrade and you’re looking for a big difference in performance, you should always start with the exhaust. A new and improved exhaust is one of the more drastic changes you can make, especially in regard to performance. You’ll get more power when you raise that throttle, which makes your bike more fun to ride. Another benefit is an improved appearance. Indian motorcycles are already sharp and sleek, but they’re open to customization too. Heads turn when your bike is outfitted with new, shimmering chrome and sleek cuts. One of our favorite parts of a new and improved exhaust, however, has to be the rumble. Indians, in general, have a decent rumble to start with, since they’re modeled after older bikes. The roar and rumble can be toggled up if you’d really like to make a statement on the streets.

If you’re hoping to keep your machine in racing shape, your selection of exhaust upgrade could remove a considerable amount of weight from your bike. A lighter machine is, inevitably, much faster than its heavier counterpart and could give you the edge you need in a race. Discover The Potential Of Your Indian.

The Pros and Cons of Different Exhausts

There are several types of aftermarket exhausts that you can use to upgrade your bike with. You can choose from full-system exhausts or slip-ons depending on your needs. Here at RC Components, we pick favorites, and we sell almost exclusively slip-on exhaust upgrades for a reason.

Slip-on exhausts can be easily attached and don’t require a super complicated application process that hinders your enjoyment. They’re often far more cost effective, they provide all around better performance for the machine, they cut back on weight significantly (up to two kilos), and they’re just as sharp looking at their full system counterparts.

We provide a wide selection of slip-on exhausts to fit any bike, and we even offer sleek and dangerous looking billet end caps that add to the overall appearance of the bike without adding a considerable amount of weight that could slow you down. They’re the perfect option to improve your bike without ruining the current aesthetic or costing you an arm and a leg. Shop Exhaust.

Upgrade Your Wheels

Upgrading your wheels is the next step as far as both the appearance and performance of your bike. Investing in aftermarket wheels and rims is perfect to repair your bike or just improve your appearance with. You can select from two varieties of wheels: solid rim or spoke rims. Spoke rims are generally far more classic looking, and many Indian riders tend to prefer their look, simply because Indian makes mainly classic bikes and the designs could clash. Solid rims are offered in a wide variety of designs that range from classic looks to very modern looks and are mainly a matter of preference. Spoke rims, however, are made of aluminum, and while they’re more of a classic look than the highly personalized solid wheels, they tend to be much more durable and resilient when on the road. Beyond those very simple, basic categories, there’s also cast wheels, billet wheels, and laced wheels. 

Cast wheels are attractive and mainly cosmetic in style, however, they’re very resistant to corrosion but they’re not as durable as other wheel types. Billet wheels are heavy duty and are popular because of it. You can access a custom cut design for them, or simply buy them off the shelf if you like the look already. Laced wheels are flexible, yet durable and are attractive to many Indian riders because of that. They handle road impact easily, and are ideal if you don’t want to just stick to the pavement. Improve The Handling And Ride.

Add Custom Accessories

Custom accessories are meant to make the riding experience more enjoyable for you. They include things like floorboards and brake pedals. They could be just as simple as something to improve your comfort while you’re riding or improve your storage space on the bike. Usually, these are easy to install yourself and can greatly improve how customized your bike feels. Dash inserts can improve the appearance, hand grips can improve your comfort and fuel doors are a great way to toggle the aesthetic of the bike. They’re the perfect way to make your Indian feel more like your own without having to do entire equipment overhauls. Customize Your Ride.

Explore New Air Cleaners

Air cleaners are an excellent way to target your bike's performance as well as the appearance of the bike. While Indians tend to lean away from overly audacious and visual air cleaners, they can still greatly affect the performance of the bike as a whole. They’re an excellent investment for any bike from any brand. Shop Air Cleaners Here.




With a little elbow grease, and maybe some actual grease, your bike can become a totally custom rig that’s built just for you and your needs. Here at RC Components, we understand the bond between you and your bike. Whether you built it from the ground up, or have always dreamt of having an Indian waiting in your garage, your bike is an extension of your character. That’s why we vet and review every single product we offer so that we can be sure that the parts you purchase from us will be everything you hoped they would be.  Explore the high-quality aftermarket parts RC Components offers to get a taste of what’s possible for your next project on your Indian.